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5 Fresh Choices in Bathroom Flooring

From wood and tile to concrete and even glass, bathroom flooring is an industry that’s ever-evolving. You just have to take a few protective measures to ensure your flooring choice stays beautiful underfoot while gelling with your bathroom’s style. You don’t have to stick with traditional vinyl and ceramic tile. Check out these trending materials. […]

How Does Moisture Threaten Your Hardwood Floors?

While hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting, they need proper care and maintenance. It’s also important to understand the effects that moisture has on wood, so you can keep your floors looking beautiful and new throughout their lifetime. You may not realize this, but wood stores water even after it is cut, with fibers acting […]

Why is Spring the Best Time to Replace Your Flooring?

Sometimes you can’t pick and choose when you replace your flooring. You may have no choice but to tackle this remodel in winter or summer. However, if you have a choice as to when to remodel your home and floors, plan for spring. Why? In a nutshell, the extreme temperatures of winter and summer can […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Floors

Spring is here, the birds are chirping, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. It’s a time of rebirth and rejuvenation – no wonder why so many people take this opportunity to throw open the windows and clean house. You likely have many different types of flooring throughout your home, from hardwood to […]

4 Ways to Prepare for Professional Wood Floor Installation

If you have hired professionals to install hard wood flooring in your home, there are some steps you should take to prepare for the job. By engaging in some simple preparations before they arrive, you can prevent a lot of dust buildup, as well as damage that can occur to the rest of your home […]

The Best Wood Flooring for a Dining Room

Dining rooms tend to be a bit more formal than every other room in the home. Usually featuring more ornate tables and chairs, hutches, China cabinets and fancy décor, dining rooms also usually boast nicer flooring as compared with the kitchen and living areas. However, the flooring should also be able to take spills and […]

What to Look for in a Hardwood Flooring Specialist

So you’ve made the decision to install hardwood flooring: great choice! Now comes the hard part: finding the right hardwood flooring specialist to install them. Not all contractors are created equal. They should have vast experience installing the type of hardwood flooring you want, backed by the credentials and skill that will give you peace […]

How to Prevent Gaps in Your Hardwood Floors

Despite its species or hardness rating, wood is essentially an organic product made of fibers that will absorb nutrients and water. Those fibers are constantly changing their solidity, tension, and flexibility. That’s because trees by nature are designed to extend further into the atmosphere to gain as many nutrients as they can through their leaf […]

What is the Best Wood Flooring for Kids and Pets in San Antonio?

With kids and pets underfoot, you know your flooring has to be up to the task of handling all that traffic. From pets’ claws to soccer cleats, from spilled milk to dropped toys, the wood flooring you choose in your high-traffic areas should be durable, long-lasting and ready for anything. You don’t have to sacrifice […]

Replace or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Are your hardwood floors worth saving? If yes, there are ways to get them looking like new. If not, it may be time to replace them. Either way, we’ll help you figure it out. Hardwood floors are a great choice for homeowners, as they’re not only beautiful, but natural, hypoallergenic and long-lasting as well. In […]