Stair Installation, Repairs, and Refinishing in San Antonio

If a renovation of your home or business is in your future, you will need experienced contractors who can install, repair, sand and finish stairs. These are trickier to handle than simple floors, and require extra precision and accuracy. For that, turn to the experts at Designer Wood Flooring.

Perhaps you want a makeover for your existing hardwood floor stairs, or maybe you want to add custom inlays. Perhaps they need a good sanding and refinishing, or maybe your project is part of new construction. Whatever the case, we can do anything from restoring their previous luster to adding details that really make them pop.

It’s no secret that hardwood floors and stairs get damaged and dull over time. Our skilled installers can breathe new life into your stairs, whether you’re tackling a remodel of your main home, a basement or third floor, or an office. We can match the style and theme of your stairs so they complement the rest of the home.

Our Texas Stair Services

Here at Designer Wood Flooring, we can help with a variety of projects related to your stairs. From sanding to refinishing, we do it all. It starts with a free quote and consultation to go over our process, your budget and your ideas.

We offer:

  • Sanding
  • Refinishing
  • Repair
  • Refacing
  • Installation
  • Hand scraping
  • Custom stain matching

Our goal is to perform the job quickly yet efficiently so you can get on with your life with minimal disruption to your routine. Rest assured, we take care to protect the surrounding area and furniture against dust and dirt.

Why Restore Your Hardwood Stairs?

As a home or business owner, there are several things that may prompt you to restore, repair, sand and finish your stairs, including:

  • Beauty: This is the most common reason people re-do their stairs, as sanding and finishing can breathe new life into even the dullest of stairs.
  • Cleanliness: Finished stairs won’t collect dust and debris as much. Just sweep them every once in a while, followed with a wet mop job, at the same time you do your floors.
  • Safety: Old stairs are a safety threat to occupants. Cracks, divots and rusty nails can cause injury, trips and falls, cuts and more.
  • Value: Sanding and refinishing will boost your home’s value, making it more appealing to prospective homebuyers.
  • Strength: Sanding evens out the surfaces of your steps to keep them all level with each other. This will close any gaps between planks, as well as tighten loose nails and remove wood splits.
  • Pest Control: A well-maintained stairwell eliminates small crevices and holes where insects such as termites can gather.

As you can see, there are many reasons to pick up the phone and call our team if you are in need of some TLC for your stairs!


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