Sanding and Refinishing

Has your old floor lost its luster?

If you have an existing floor that you want to nurture back to life, count on us to restore it and give it a fresh new look.

Don’t replace your floor, restore it.

Staining a wood floor can draw out a certain charm while giving you a wood that appears darker and more rich. If you are removing an old stain, we have a large variety of pre-mixed colors and can find one that matches well to your wood’s current look.

Flooring solutions and low-maintenance answers.

Don’t let your floor finish wear through to the wood. When your floor begins to show signs of wear and tear, you should apply a new top coat of floor finish, which should stay in good shape for approximately 15 years. A coat will give your wood more depth and luster.

Water damage? We can help you clean up.

Water damage can be repaired by sanding the affected area, then treating it with a wood sealant so it will match the rest of your floor.

If there is any sort of damage, it’s important to search out an expert, because you don’t want to deal with buckling floorboards, which may cause the floor to look and feel uneven.