5 Fresh Choices in Bathroom Flooring


From wood and tile to concrete and even glass, bathroom flooring is an industry that’s ever-evolving. You just have to take a few protective measures to ensure your flooring choice stays beautiful underfoot while gelling with your bathroom’s style. You don’t have to stick with traditional vinyl and ceramic tile. Check out these trending materials.

1.  Glass Tile

Recycled glass tiles for the bathroom are a popular option. As interest in glass tile grows, so too do the available decorator options. Some tiles can change color as the temperature of the room changes, just like a mood ring but for the bathroom. But even standard glass tile brings you endless color variations, textures, sizes and shapes, resulting in a versatile option on walls, countertops, backsplashes and floors.

2.  Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors for the bathroom? Who knew? Whether you opt for restored, recycled or new, hardwood has become one of the more popular choices for bathroom flooring. You’ll have to take a few extra precautions, of course, but it’s proven that wood floors can perform just as well in bathrooms as they can everywhere else in the home. Plus, you can refinish and reseal them to increase their practicality and lifespan over the years. Just don’t let water sit for long; mop up any water that accumulates after a shower.

You can also add extra coats of varnish to make it more durable. A highly efficient vent or fan in the bathroom will also work to keep humidity down and prevent warping.

3.  Modular Carpet

Yes, there is a modern carpet product that works very well in bathrooms and it is called modular carpet tiles. They’re easily installed by homeowners directly onto any flooring surface. They’re convenient because individual pieces can be removed, cleaned, dried and reapplied. Such tiles feature a low-toxicity, antimicrobial backing that inhibits growth of mold and bacteria. Choose from dozens of colors, patterns and textures.

4.  Bamboo and Cork

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, go with cork or bamboo for a green flooring option. They’re both made from tree-like tropical grasses that naturally replenish themselves in the wild every couple of years. They each have unique properties that ensure they are good choices for bathrooms. Bamboo floors look like traditional wood floors, but are more durable and hard. Cork is softer and warmer, which feels great on bare feet. Both naturally resist mold, mildew and bacteria, and repel moisture.

5.     Concrete

If you want trendy stone at a fraction of the cost and with easier maintenance, try concrete. Many bathrooms already have a concrete layer under existing tile or linoleum flooring, which you can restore through acid staining. Concrete is great when installed over underfloor radiant heating systems. And all you need is a mop and periodic polishing to keep it clean.

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