Making Over Your Bathroom: Inspiring Shower Installation Ideas


Is your bathroom outdated and dull? Does it still serve your needs, or are you constantly thinking about ways in which it could serve them better? Making over your bathroom doesn’t have to be a total gut job. All it really takes is a new shower to breathe life into your style-starved bathroom. Shower installations are customized, adding property value, style and function to any bathroom.

Here are some inspiring shower installation ideas to get you started.

Large Format Tile

Maximize your space with large format tile, creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with easier maintenance. Boasting countless style and function benefits, large format tile is anything bigger than 16”, but some can be more than 10 feet long. They make a versatile design option, available in square and rectangular shapes.

They also come in many materials, such as ceramic, porcelain and stone, and they can be used for anything from walls to floors. With such a contemporary and harmonious look, you can use large format tile to increase functionality and minimize grout joints, while crafting a crisp and elegant design. If you want a seamless look, this is the way to go.

By design, large format tiles are easier to clean and maintain. They can maximize any large floor plan while resulting in a visually-cohesive look, creating the illusion of a bigger space with sharp, neat grout lines. Such tiles have even been used as fireplace surrounds.

Glass Doors and Designs

From frameless showers and bath screens to shower glass and mist glass, the sky’s the limit when you choose glass shower installations. Glass has the ability to make any small space seem much larger. You can frost the glass, etch a pattern or design, or simply use plain glass, or even a combination of all three.

Frameless enclosures are all the rage now, from frameless shower panels and walk-ins to frameless corner and three-sided enclosures.

Go Big or Go Home

The bigger the bathtub, the more space and relaxation you’ll get. You deserve a comfortable and luxurious place to wind down after a long day. Jacuzzi-style tubs are losing popularity and are being replaced with large tub styles meant to relax rather than invigorate with jets and bubbles.

Open showers are also popular now, designed to visually increase the size of your bathroom while at the same time affording more space and convenience. No more cramped spaces while you’re trying to shower. You lose a little in privacy, but you gain plenty of open space. You can even add a bench in there for additional comfort and convenience.

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