Installing Hardwood to Make Your Home Child-Friendly


If you have small children and need new flooring, consider installing hardwood for its kid-friendly appeal. Yes, that’s right – we said kid-friendly! No longer is hardwood relegated to the fanciest room in the house. It’s not as fragile as we all once thought. In fact, it’s pretty darn durable. Installing hard wood is beneficial for many reasons, from its durability to its ability to hide dirt.

Here are some reasons why installing hardwood will make your home more child-friendly.

Amazing Durability

First up, hardwood flooring is very durable, which is why it’s so popular with today’s homeowners. Compared with other kinds of flooring materials, these floors last longer because they can take a lot more abuse. Just be sure to check the hardness rating of the wood you choose. The harder, the better. As with anything else, there are degrees of hardness, and the wood you choose should reflect that. Check out the Janka Rating System to see which wood would be best for you.

Stamina and Style

Many hardwoods, such as bamboo, offer the ideal balance between stamina and style. Bamboo is similar in appearance to timber, but it’s a much harder substance. Translation: when the kids forget the house isn’t their personal playground, there’s less of a risk that your floors will get scratched. Bamboo is also resistant to stains, but more on that later.

Hides Dirt

If you have kids, you know how dirty they can be, and how dirty their surroundings can be! Flooring that hides dirt, crumbs, and dust is just a wise decision for any family. Between the kids running in and out with dirt under their shoes and the family pet tracking in dirt from yard, this is a lifesaver. You don’t have to clean as often, which places a higher value on your time.

Avoids Staining

If you have carpets in your home, you know just how easily they can stain with accidental spills of red wine, soda, food and even nail polish. It’s tough or downright impossible to get those stains out of carpeting, but with hardwood, you just clean them up right away before they set and they’re gone. You don’t have to stare at a dingy carpet for years, wasting money on carpet cleaners and expensive soaps.


Hardwood floors are actually healthier for you and your family. That’s because, unlike carpets and rugs, allergens and bacteria don’t get trapped nearly as easily. Your family won’t be as sick or be at risk for a serious allergic reaction. If your child has asthma or bad allergies, hardwood is actually recommended by allergists as the best type of flooring for them.

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