Why is Spring the Best Time to Replace Your Flooring?

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Sometimes you can’t pick and choose when you replace your flooring. You may have no choice but to tackle this remodel in winter or summer. However, if you have a choice as to when to remodel your home and floors, plan for spring. Why? In a nutshell, the extreme temperatures of winter and summer can have a detrimental impact on your hardwood flooring.

Spring is not too cold and not too hot, making for the ideal conditions to install new floors. Let’s go into more detail about why spring is best for your hardwood flooring installation.


While new lines are released most often in the spring, old lines are dropped and discounted, which means you can snag a pretty good deal in terms of prices on material. Depending on your budget, you can either save money on the previous year’s lines or go all out with the upcoming year’s new features. You’ll have a lot to choose from with the new lines, more so than the discounted models.

Humidity and Dryness

In summer, the humidity levels can adversely affect your hardwood floors. They will likely absorb all that excess moisture, causing them to distort, swell, and even pull apart. In winter, the air is very dry, causing wood to dry out, crack and shrink. If you are forced to install new floors in these seasons, run a dehumidifier or the AC in the summer, or a humidifier in the winter.

When the humidity level is too high or low, newly-installed flooring can crack, warp, and cup, which may lead to serious damage. Since spring typically has moderate humidity levels, you don’t have to stress out about avoiding expensive damage or planning out lengthy acclimation periods for your new hardwood flooring.


The installation process results in a lot of fumes and odors coming from the flooring adhesive, stains, and sealers. Proper and sufficient ventilation is critical at this venture. Spring is great because you can open up all the windows and still remain comfortable in the home. In winter or summer, it’s cost prohibitive and very uncomfortable to open windows and doors in this manner. Your energy bills may go up with all the AC and heat use, as well as the escape and waste of all that energy through ventilation sources.

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