5 Myths About Cleaning Tile and Grout


Maintaining tile and grout isn’t always as easy as you think when you decide to install it. You have to give your tile and grout plenty of TLC just like any other surface in your home in order to prevent staining over time. It can be a challenge to properly clean tile and grout, which is why so many people avoid it.

If you do attempt to do it yourself, you’re probably thinking about the many things you’ve been told about how to perform this task. A lot of it is simply wrong. Let’s go over five myths and facts to help you keep your tile and grout in like-new condition for years to come.

Myths vs. Facts

Myth 1: Mopping alone is enough to get the job done

Fact: While mopping is a good way to keep the surface of your tile clean, it’s just not powerful enough to get rid of the deep-down, in-between dirt and grime that settles into grout over the months and years. In fact, sloppy mopping techniques can actually damage and stain grout more quickly, as dirty mop water tends to push dirt into porous grout.

Myth 2: Regular household cleaners work fine on tile and grout

Fact: Your everyday dish soap and household cleaners are viscous, making it difficult to completely rinse them away from grout surfaces. Over time, these products will build up a residue that will stick even more to grout.

Myth 3: Using bleach on grout is effective

Fact: Go ahead and use bleach on other surfaces like toilets and sinks, but don’t use it to get stubborn stains out of grout. Bleach will cause grout to slowly deteriorate, weaken, and break over time, dulling the shine on glossy tile surfaces in the process.

Myth 4: Acids are safe for tile and grout

Fact: Most acids are far too strong to effectively dissolve and break down surfaces, as they can eat away at the very thing you’re trying to protect. Grout erosion happens quickly with acid, even after a few applications.

Myth 5: Scrubbing grout and tile with a wire brush can get rid of stains and discoloration

Fact: Wire brushes seem like a great way to blast away stubborn dirt and build-up, but hard scrubbing with a heavy-duty wire brush actually removes more than the dirt and grime, leading to damage. Instead, it’s best to use a soft brush coupled with a professional-grade cleaner.

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