Replace or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

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Are your hardwood floors worth saving? If yes, there are ways to get them looking like new. If not, it may be time to replace them. Either way, we’ll help you figure it out.

Hardwood floors are a great choice for homeowners, as they’re not only beautiful, but natural, hypoallergenic and long-lasting as well. In fact, hardwood floors are the benchmark of quality in any home. When they’re old, they still have a certain charm and history to them, even if they’re a little squeaky, stained and aging. If you have 50-year-old hardwood floors, it can be tough deciding to refinish them or replace them.


The bottom line lies in your preference. Do you like the look of new floors? Do you have money in the budget to install new hardwood? The issue here lies in your expectations. Even if you have very old hardwood floors and decide to refinish them, they won’t look like brand new wood floors no matter how much work you put into them. Many people prefer this. To others, the allure of something new and modern takes center stage.

Consider your preference, style and budget when wondering which option to go with. Just keep in mind that in 95 percent of cases, hardwood floors can be refinished. It’s just a matter of whether you want to or not.

Getting a Floor Face Lift

If you opt to salvage your floors, you’ll need to hire skilled contractors who do this for a living. Whether you want the whole floor refinished and sanded, or you need one section replaced, it’s tough to do this on your own because of the various factors involved.

Perhaps you have termite-damaged planks, insect-infested boards or de-laminated strips. You can replace these individual boards but it’s tough to match up the color, stain and grain. Yes, you can have your squeaky floors tightened and quieted thanks to some nails or dry lubricant. Yes, you can plug holes or patch damaged sections. But again, you’ll need an exact match in species, grain and cut, with colors that are feathered in by a professional so no demarcation lines result. This all takes an experienced hand.

And just because you start off wanting a refinish and sanding job doesn’t mean you ultimately have to go that route. If you have lots of stains due to pet urine, beverages or water marks, many professionals will come in and sand down your floor to the raw wood, then let you decide if you can live with the results. They can even apply the desired finish color to areas of question and again, let you decide if the result it acceptable. If not, you always have the option of removing and replacing the whole floor. 

When Replacement is Imminent

Not all floors are good candidates for refinishing or repair. According to HGTV, these include floors:

  • That have suffered fromextreme movement between the boards, which would affect the sanding and finish quality.
  • With substantial structural issues such as when the floor must be removed to be able to fix the subfloor.
  • That have been sanded too many times in the past.
  • With failing tongue and groove construction and exposed nails.

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living room wooden flooring

2018 Tile Trends


Installing tile in your kitchen or bathroomis a big investment, but one that pays off in terms of value, comfort and aesthetics. Taking on a renovation is a big deal. After all, kitchen and bathroom renovations are some of the most expensive you can take on. So it’s understandable that you don’t want to choose a tile floor that will go out of style in the next couple of years. Progressive styles can range from terracotta tile to parquet patterns, but the list is endless. Your best bet is to hire a professional skilled in tile installation and repair so you can enjoy your flooring for many years to come, without the hassle and stress of doing it yourself.

So, how do you know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to tile flooring? Here are some trends to look forward to this year as you look to remodel select rooms.

Porcelain Planks

These are porcelain tiles that are designed to resemblenatural wood grains, becoming more popular as an attractive and durable floor trend. Best part is, you can incorporate the look of real wood into spaces that traditionally wouldn’t allow for real wood due to their abundance of moisture, such as in the bathroom, says The Family Handyman. Porcelain planks that resemble wood are great for many other reasons:

  • They don’t get scratched in heavy traffic areas (think kitchens) like real wood will.
  • It’s less expensive than authentic hardwood.
  • Porcelain is easier to match for colors and stains, as well as white washes and grays.

Large-Format Tile

With a trend that used to be all about small squares, today’s trend is moving toward a bigger array of sizes, shapes, materials and patterns. Large-format tiles in particular, available in 12″ x 24″ and 36″ x 36″ rather than the standard 12″ x 12″ tiles are becoming more popular. Not only do they look cool, they offer a larger surface area with fewer grout areas to clean. However, large-format tiles are heavy and require a perfectly-level substrate and a professional installer to get the project just right, says HGTV.

Marble-Look Tile

Now you can achieve the classic, timeless, elegant look of marble in a tile option. Mimicking the gorgeous look of a natural stone that’s been around for centuries at a fraction of the cost is a win-win for homeowners. Whereas natural marble is soft and porous, susceptible to dings and scratches, faux-marble tile is more durable, which makes it perfect for flooring.


Metallic tiles are sleek, cool and really trendy right now. They make nice complements to bathroom floors as well as accent walls, following the theme of utilizing new technologies to create looks that were previously impossible to achieve.

Aqua Tile

2018 is all about not blending in with the crowd. One way to do that is to tile your bathroom floor in a bright, vibrant, aqua.

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Best Ways to Personalize Your New Floor


Adding apersonal touch to your flooring gives it pizzazz, making it a unique conversation piece if you will. From custom inlays to wood medallions, there are countless ways you canpersonalize your new floors. Flooring is a great way to refresh tired rooms and increase the value of your home, points out This Old House. Check out these bold ideas to add life to your house!

Flooring Tips:

Custom inlays: Adding a special finish to any room, wood medallions, insignias, borders, and corners can showcase anything from a business logo to a family crest. No picture or design is out of the question, with the only limits imposed by the imagination and skill of your flooring contractor. Size, thickness, and finish will vary depending on your needs and budget. Check out this white oak puzzle piece floor for a unique twist on traditional wood plank flooring. Talk about a conversation starter!

Exotic woods:For a truly innovative and creative outlet of expression, exotic woods can add more character to your floor. They are typically available in light, dark, medium and neutral tones. Choose from pre-finished or unfinished in a variety of wood types such as maple, walnut, hickory, mesquite, Brazilian cherry and tigerwood.

Diagonal: Multi directional parquets are another great way to customize your flooring. Your contractor can arrange the floorboards in any order or direction you would like. You can have your floor go in multiple directions or radiate from the center of the room. Diagonal floors are installed at a 45-degree angle, which helps to visually extend and enlarge the room parameters.

Frames and borders: Choose from a variety of inlay layout directions, colors and species of wood. Borders can be created with the boards themselves or an eye-catching design that utilizes a special wood stain in a variety of tones.

Combination flooring: Combine the sleek look of hardwood with the functionality of tile, marble or stone. These combos are best for entryways, around kitchen cabinets, in bathrooms, and in hallways. Anywhere that sees high traffic patterns on a daily basis is ideal. Experiment with a wood and tile checkered pattern. Check out this parquet floor that, upon first glance, looks like tile. In reality, it’s comprised of alternating strips of maple and walnut, with each “tile” measuring 13″ x 13″ and made up of four strips of hardwood laid side by side.

Raised flooring: Whether you have a sunken living room, want a podium for your master bed or desire a raised dance floor, this can be a great way to create a showpiece in your own home or business. You can even raise your traditional claw tub on a platform for the ultimate in elegance. This visually stunning flooring can offer streamlined borders or wide, curved steps. The choice is yours!


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How to Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Contractor in San Antonio

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How to Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Contractor in San Antonio

Choosing a hardwood flooring contractor takes a bit of research and patience. Making a decision in haste could turn out to burn you later, so take the time now to do your homework on contractors in the San Antonio area. Your patience will pay you back in spades because, ideally, you’ll end up with a contractor that’s reputable, trustworthy and timely. Here are some tips on finding the best hardwood flooring contractor in San Antonio for your home.