Pros and Cons of 6 Types of Common San Antonio Flooring Options

Choose the right hardwood flooring.

There are countless details to consider when renovating or improving your home. The flooring type you choose is very important, as it will set the stage for the design and functionality of your entire home. From hardwood to tile, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of six types of flooring. 1.  Hardwood […]


The Best Flooring Options for Aging Adults

If you are an older homeowner looking to age in place in your home, yet would like to make a few improvements and updates to your space, choosing the right kind of flooring is imperative. Consider these five main factors before making a decision: Slip-resistance: The flooring material you choose should feature a non-slip surface […]


Benefits of Bathroom Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors in the bathroom? You can indeed put hardwood in your master or guest bathroom, as it’s both a beautiful and durable flooring material. This makes the best choice for more sophisticated bathrooms in San Antonio. Many people don’t consider hardwood flooring in the bathroom due to their fear that it will lead to […]


The Best Time for Hardwood Floor Repair or Installation

hardwood floor maintenance kitchen

Hardwood floors are no doubt beautiful, making any home warm, cozy, and sophisticated, while bringing top value if you’re considered selling your home in the near future. But brand new hardwood can be expensive to install; sometimes it just makes more financial and logistical sense to repair your hardwood, which saves you money and increases […]


Designer Flooring: Types and Trends for 2020


With 2020 stretched before us, we face so many fresh possibilities when it comes to giving your home a makeover with updated flooring. Let’s take a look ahead at the flooring types and trends for the new year. What to Expect Hard surface flooring will continue to grow in popularity with homeowners, including hardwood, tile, […]


5 Winter Wood Cleaning Steps to Maintain Your Floors

When the colder air of the winter settles in, your hardwood flooring will need even more TLC than you usually give it, due to all that dirt tracked in from muddy shoes and less moisture in the air. The less moisture in the air, the greater chance of developing gaps in between planks. Here’s a […]


Installing Hardwood to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

living room wooden flooring

If you have small children and need new flooring, consider installing hardwood for its kid-friendly appeal. Yes, that’s right – we said kid-friendly! No longer is hardwood relegated to the fanciest room in the house. It’s not as fragile as we all once thought. In fact, it’s pretty darn durable. Installing hard wood is beneficial […]


Making Over Your Bathroom: Inspiring Shower Installation Ideas

Is your bathroom outdated and dull? Does it still serve your needs, or are you constantly thinking about ways in which it could serve them better? Making over your bathroom doesn’t have to be a total gut job. All it really takes is a new shower to breathe life into your style-starved bathroom. Shower installations […]


5 Fresh Choices in Bathroom Flooring

From wood and tile to concrete and even glass, bathroom flooring is an industry that’s ever-evolving. You just have to take a few protective measures to ensure your flooring choice stays beautiful underfoot while gelling with your bathroom’s style. You don’t have to stick with traditional vinyl and ceramic tile. Check out these trending materials. […]


Buyers’ Guide to Flooring: Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl

If you have decided to get new flooring, the first question you may ask yourself is: what kind? If you have your heart set on a hard surface as opposed to carpeting, you have two main choices: hardwood floors or luxury vinyl tile, or LVT for short. How do you know which is the best […]