The Evolution of Wood Floor Trends


It seems since the dawn of time, flooring has just been there. It’s gone through many changes, to be sure, from dirt, sand, and straw to wood, concrete, and bamboo. Over the years, many trends have begun and ended, depending on the current style, material availability, comfort and durability. Here’s a look at how the […]


Can You Use Engineered Hardwood in Your Bathroom?


If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom or adding a whole new one onto your house, one of your first considerations will be what kind of flooring you will choose. From the texture and maintenance to appearance and cost, there are many factors that go into such a decision. You may be considering adding engineered […]


The Best Flooring Types For Mobility Device Users

Are you thinking of a new floor installation in San Antonio this year? If you use a mobility device — or a loved one does – such as a walker, cane or wheelchair, you may be curious as to which type of flooring would be best. Keep in mind that the effectiveness and safety of […]


How to Choose Kitchen Tile for Your San Antonio Home

san antonio tile install

Choosing the right kitchen tile can be a tricky task. You need it to be durable and functional, yet still look amazing and complement your existing (or desired) design aesthetic. And while you want your kitchen to look hip and trendy, you don’t want to pick a trend that will end up on someone’s worst trends […]


The Best Floors For Home Day Cares and Play Rooms

If you own a home day care or have a play room in your house, you may be wondering what the best type of flooring would be for that specific application. As you know, those play spaces get a lot of traffic and take a lot of abuse by children who throw toys and jump […]


Fact vs. Fiction: Cleaning Tile Grout


Tile flooring is common in many rooms of the home, such as entryways, breezeways, bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and laundry rooms. Tile is easy to clean, which makes it a great flooring option for these busy – and often messy – rooms of your home. While tile certainly has its perks, it also has its drawbacks, […]


Which Types of Flooring Are Best For Hot and Humid Climates?


As you know from living in San Antonio, the weather can get quite hot and humid. How does your flooring fare with that type of climate? When floors get damp, moisture seeps into the foundation and even walls, causing irreparable damage to your home. Different flooring materials will function differently depending on what kind of […]


7 Tips for Matching Hardwood Floors With Furniture


Choosing the right flooring for your home is important, but it’s not the only step. You then have to consider which colors and styles you want to go with. But even more importantly, your choice should complement your existing furniture so everything works in harmony. When it comes to hardwood flooring, this design consideration is […]


How to Maintain Beautiful Hardwood Floors in Beaumont


If you have hardwood floors in Beaumont, you know how well they complement your home. They increase your property value, they add beauty to your interiors, and they’re easy to clean. But you also know that they take a good amount of upkeep to ensure they stay glossy, scratch-free and elegant. From dirt brought in […]


How to Choose Paint Colors to Match Your Wood Floors


  When it’s time to redesign your home with hardwood flooring, you first have to take into account how the floor’s undertones will impact the room’s appearance and functionality. If you’re considering painting your walls a new color, how will you achieve the look you want, whether a dramatic contrast or a cohesive, subtle design? […]