The Evolution of Wood Floor Trends


It seems since the dawn of time, flooring has just been there. It’s gone through many changes, to be sure, from dirt, sand, and straw to wood, concrete, and bamboo. Over the years, many trends have begun and ended, depending on the current style, material availability, comfort and durability.

Here’s a look at how the wood flooring trends have changed in modern times.

1970s to 2000s: Shiny Yet Basic

Between the 70s and 90s, floor design was pretty basic and shiny, with colors comprising red oak and blond. The width was narrow, while now, the flooring — especially hardwood — is wider and broader. Even in the 2000s, most wooden planks were just 2 1/2” wide. This trend was eventually left behind in favor of organic, distressed, and reclaimed wood.

2000 to 2010: Organic and Distressed

In the first part of the 2000s, distressed and organic wooden flooring took center stage as more and more people wanted something more sustainable. The flooring became more cozy and inviting than the glossy, more manufactured feel of the previous decades.

Floors from 2000 to 2010 had a darker appearance in colors like Tuscan brown, rustic, and reclaimed wood. You’ll still see this style in high-end restaurants, pubs, and in hospitality industries.

2010 and Today: Wide and Matte

Rather than thin, dark, and organic wood floors, engineered wide plank flooring started to take over in terms of style. Width is the major difference here, usually measuring between six and seven inches. Another major difference was in color. Rather than cozy, dark designs, engineered wide plank flooring started to be made in a bright white oak matte finish.

Today’s homeowners want anything that is natural, clean, light, and soft – in direct contrast to previous decades of exotic, rich and bold looks.

Why Engineered Wide Plank Flooring is So Trendy

As we said above, today’s home and business owners are gravitating toward engineered wide plank flooring, due in part to the changing technology in the creation of wooden planks. It’s also popular for a functional reason, as it can pose many benefits when installed correctly. Here are just a few of the reasons why engineered wide plank flooring is so trendy these days.

1.    Engineered wide plank flooring makes the room look bigger

This type of flooring can make any room in your house look bigger. But if it’s not designed and applied correctly, it can actually have the opposite effect. Stick with the 6 to 7 1/2” wide standard to ensure a proper look and fit.

2.     Engineered wide plank flooring is offers a unique design

Wide planks are great for non-traditional designs. With this type of flooring, you get a wide variety of styles, in light, soft, simple colors to brighten up any room. But just because light = modern doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up and go dark. Many businesses choose dark wide planks for a more professional look that also hides stains from the general public very well.

3.     Engineered wide plank flooring is more durable

In general, wide plank flooring is more durable than other types, thanks to the nature of its core construction. Engineered flooring has either an engineered or solid plywood core so the plank can move less than solid wood. This means that it weathers seasonal changes better, as there are not as many gaps due to contraction and expansion.

4.     Engineered wide plank flooring increases property value

This type of flooring can add a lot of value to your property. Because it’s a modern design, potential home buyers want a home with this style already incorporated.

In the end, engineered wide plank flooring is getting more and more popular for many reasons. Not only does this type of floor offer a durability and unique quality that no other flooring can, it gives you a stylish complement to any room of the home.

We hope this piece on wood flooring trends has been educational and enjoyable. Whether you choose to incorporate the latest trends into your own home or go with a throw-back theme, you can’t go wrong.

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