Fact vs. Fiction: Cleaning Tile Grout


Tile flooring is common in many rooms of the home, such as entryways, breezeways, bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and laundry rooms. Tile is easy to clean, which makes it a great flooring option for these busy – and often messy – rooms of your home. While tile certainly has its perks, it also has its drawbacks, specifically in regards to the grout in between each tile.

You likely have noticed your grout areas becoming dark and dirty over time. You probably don’t even realize just how dirty they are. In fact, when they’re finally cleaned the right way, you’ll be shocked at the difference! Maintaining your tile and grout is not as easy as you would think. This flooring type needs just as much TLC as other surfaces in your home so you can keep stains and deterioration at bay. But even though you may know the value of cleaning your tile and grout, it’s still quite challenging because of the work involved. This is why so many homeowners neglect this task.

But if you keep up with maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis, the task won’t take so much work. Letting things go for months or years on end will present a big job that’s tough to tackle. You may have attempted to clean the grout yourself but haven’t been met with the best results. That’s probably because you’re heeding false information.

That’s why we have outlined these popular facts vs. fictions so you can finally get the proper clean you want.

Facts vs. Fiction

Fiction: Mopping will get the job done

Fact: Mopping on its own without any other deep cleaning is not enough to keep your tile and grout clean over time. Mopping is great for keeping the surface of your tile clean, but it just doesn’t have the power to remove the in-between, deep-down dirt and grime that has settled into your grout over the years. In fact, if you’re not mopping correctly, you’re actually contributing to the damage and stains your grout falls victim to. That’s because dirty mop water pushes dirt into that porous grout where it can settle in.

Fiction: Regular household cleaners are fine for tile and grout

Fact: The viscosity of your everyday dish soap and household cleaners makes it harder for you to rinse those components away, especially from the grout. These products tend to build up a thick residue that sticks to grout. Use products designed for use specifically on tile and grout.

Fiction: You can use bleach on grout

Fact: You shouldn’t use bleach on your grout because it will break down and deteriorate this material over time. Stick to bleach for toilets and sinks, but don’t let it near your grout, as it can weaken and get brittle from repeated use. Likewise, bleach isn’t good for the tile itself, as it dulls the shine on glossy surfaces.

Fiction: You can use acids on tile and grout

Fact: Don’t use acid on your tile and grout, as most of them are too strong to dissolve and break down surfaces effectively. In fact, acid will eat away at your grout, leading to grout erosion. This happens fast, even after a couple of applications, so keep acid away from your tile.

Fiction: You can scrub grout and tile with a wire brush

Fact: While you may assume it’s OK to scrub your tile and grout with wire brushes to get rid of stains and discolorations, the truth is that heavy-duty wire brushes can remove much more than dirt – taking the finish off your tile and eating away at your grout. Leave the hard scrubbing to more durable surfaces and keep wire brushes away from your flooring. That said, grout often needs some extra help in the cleaning arena, so get some agitation going with a soft brush and a professional-grade cleaner. In fact, an old toothbrush works wonders!

Now that you know the facts vs. the fictions of tile and grout cleaning, you can come up with a regular maintenance plan for your floors. Are your floors too far gone to salvage? Have you been meaning to install new tile and grout in your high-traffic areas? It’s time for a tile floor replacement by the pros.

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