How to Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Contractor in San Antonio


How to Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Contractor in San Antonio

Choosing a hardwood flooring contractor takes a bit of research and patience. Making a decision in haste could turn out to burn you later, so take the time now to do your homework on contractors in the San Antonio area. Your patience will pay you back in spades because, ideally, you’ll end up with a contractor that’s reputable, trustworthy and timely. Here are some tips on finding the best hardwood flooring contractor in San Antonio for your home.

Check for membership in associations and consumer watchdog groups:

Membership in such groups will solidify their reputation in the community as being a trusted, long-term provider of quality flooring services. Designer Wood Flooring happens to be affiliated with the National Wood Flooring Association and has a high rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Look for specialties:

A contractor who covers too many services may not have the focused expertise you need for your hardwood floor project. Avoid contractors that do everything from roofing and siding to windows and flooring. Instead, go with a company that only focuses on floors, but that specializes in many aspects within that category such as sanding and refinishing, custom floors and inlays, and flooring repairs and installations.

Ask for proof of licensing and insurance:

This is important, because it means they took the necessary steps to comply and pay for a legitimate license and insurance to protect all parties. Without a license, anyone with some materials and a truck can show up and claim to be a flooring specialist.

Ask for references:

A good contractor with nothing to hide will have no problem handing over names of past satisfied clients. Choose a few to call and ask if they would hire that contractor again and how satisfied they were with the quality of work.

Check on experience:

While a new business can be perfectly reputable and eager to do a good job, experience is what speaks volumes. No one stays in business long if they mistreat their customers and provide sub-par work. That’s why experience counts. FYI, Designer Wood Flooring has been a local flooring specialist in San Antonio for 30 years.

Get three estimates:

This is the only way you can get a broad view of what contractors are charging these days. Don’t go with either extreme, as this can signal sub-quality work or vastly inflated prices. Be aware that some installers throw out high estimates because they know many homeowners will immediately sign the contract just to be done with the whole process, says The Spruce. By obtaining a few estimates, you can weed out those ridiculous offers and settle on one that’s more in line with your budget and quality of service. These days, getting an estimate doesn’t take much work. Most offer quick online estimates.

Ask about materials and manufacturers:

The quality of the flooring material is rivaled in importance only by the quality of the installation job. Ask what manufacturers the contractor uses and what kinds of warranties he or she offers to protect your investment.

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