Best Ways to Personalize Your New Floor


Adding apersonal touch to your flooring gives it pizzazz, making it a unique conversation piece if you will. From custom inlays to wood medallions, there are countless ways you canpersonalize your new floors. Flooring is a great way to refresh tired rooms and increase the value of your home, points out This Old House. Check out these bold ideas to add life to your house!

Flooring Tips:

Custom inlays: Adding a special finish to any room, wood medallions, insignias, borders, and corners can showcase anything from a business logo to a family crest. No picture or design is out of the question, with the only limits imposed by the imagination and skill of your flooring contractor. Size, thickness, and finish will vary depending on your needs and budget. Check out this white oak puzzle piece floor for a unique twist on traditional wood plank flooring. Talk about a conversation starter!

Exotic woods:For a truly innovative and creative outlet of expression, exotic woods can add more character to your floor. They are typically available in light, dark, medium and neutral tones. Choose from pre-finished or unfinished in a variety of wood types such as maple, walnut, hickory, mesquite, Brazilian cherry and tigerwood.

Diagonal: Multi directional parquets are another great way to customize your flooring. Your contractor can arrange the floorboards in any order or direction you would like. You can have your floor go in multiple directions or radiate from the center of the room. Diagonal floors are installed at a 45-degree angle, which helps to visually extend and enlarge the room parameters.

Frames and borders: Choose from a variety of inlay layout directions, colors and species of wood. Borders can be created with the boards themselves or an eye-catching design that utilizes a special wood stain in a variety of tones.

Combination flooring: Combine the sleek look of hardwood with the functionality of tile, marble or stone. These combos are best for entryways, around kitchen cabinets, in bathrooms, and in hallways. Anywhere that sees high traffic patterns on a daily basis is ideal. Experiment with a wood and tile checkered pattern. Check out this parquet floor that, upon first glance, looks like tile. In reality, it’s comprised of alternating strips of maple and walnut, with each “tile” measuring 13″ x 13″ and made up of four strips of hardwood laid side by side.

Raised flooring: Whether you have a sunken living room, want a podium for your master bed or desire a raised dance floor, this can be a great way to create a showpiece in your own home or business. You can even raise your traditional claw tub on a platform for the ultimate in elegance. This visually stunning flooring can offer streamlined borders or wide, curved steps. The choice is yours!


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