Benefits of a Mobile Showroom


Seeing is believing. Although so many people shop online, sometimes it’s best just to touch and feel something, looking at it with your own eyes. You can’t truly get a feel for something unless you see it in person. This is true with flooring as well, perhaps more so because this is a product you’ll have to live with for years to come.

Seeing flooring in a store is great, but seeing it on your own turf is even better! A mobile showroom is the ultimate in personal shopping, as it brings samples and information to YOU rather than the other way around. Determining which hardwood flooring is best for your home can seem impossible when you factor in all the hassles to get to the store, talk to a sales person, compare products and make a decision that will impact the value, functionality and aesthetics of your whole home.

That decision can’t be made lightly. That’s why there are so many benefits of having a mobile showroom come to you. Let’s go over a few of them.


With your busy schedule, you barely have time to pick up the kids from soccer practice and get to the grocery store – let alone carve out time to shop for flooring. With a mobile showroom, you just call for an in-home consultation and answer the door when the technicians show up. That’s about it. The rest is easy. You view the products, chat about which would be best for your needs and budget, and schedule the installation – all from the convenience of home.

Local Reliability

When you choose a local company with experience in wood floor installations throughout San Antonio and Southeast Texas, you get personalized attention with focused expertise. Your technicians know exactly how the fluctuations in Dallas weather can affect your flooring. While the wood is made from dead trees, it very much reacts to weather like it is alive. Just like humidity and high temperatures have an impact on your skin, the same thing happens to wood, contracting in cooler weather and expanding in warmer weather.

It doesn’t matter if you have solid, engineered or laminate wood floors, or if you have oak, mahogany or bamboo. Despite the installation method, all wood flooring absorbs or loses moisture as  conditions change within your home.


When a mobile showroom visits your home, you get a chance to meet the designers as well as the technicians who will install your flooring. You can get instant quotes on the spot, ask questions about the process and get an idea of the installation timeline.

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