Choosing the Best Wood Flooring for Small Spaces

Choose the right hardwood flooring.When decorating small spaces, you’ll need the same level of attention as if you were decorating a larger space. Yes, the basic rules of small space design apply to flooring, but you also need to consider how the wood species, color and width of your hardwood floors will fit into small-space principles. Here are some guidelines:


Small spaces are darker than larger, more open areas in general. However, this will vary from home to home. Take a look at how much natural lighting the room receives on a daily basis, as well as the light fixtures you have there. Note all dark corners, if any. Consider the entrance: is it bright and open? In general, lighter colored hardwood flooring is ideal for most small spaces but darker stained flooring can look wonderful in rooms with decent natural lighting.


Hardwood flooring is available in a variety of widths, from the standard plank to a wider type resembling historic floorboards. You may also want to consider decorative types such as parquet flooring constructed of short, narrow pieces of hardwood. You always want to minimize the amount of busy-ness in your small space, and wider planks often achieve that goal. Stay away from multiple colors, and consider proportion when balancing the size of your hardwood flooring planks.

You also don’t want to draw attention to the floor within smaller rooms. Upon entering the room, you want to appreciate the available space as a whole; with narrow boards or contrasting patterns, this tends to have the opposite effect.


Wood flooring comes in many different types of finishes, including:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • High gloss

This is a highly personal decision that takes into account taste, style, the existing room décor and room size. Glossy finishes, for example, offer a dramatic appearance and look great against darker stain colors. Matte and satin are solid options for durability and tend to blend well within any room.

Textured hardwood flooring gives you a bit of a pattern for visual interest, but at the same time can soften the look of the floor, making it perfect for small spaces. That’s because the rustic texture will hide any imperfections and visually blend the seams for better uniformity.

When choosing wood flooring for your small space, it’s all about starting with what you like. Light colors add brightness to the room, while wider planks minimize chaos and distractions. But in the end, it’s your choice as to whether you go with a matte finish, textured product or darker vs. lighter color.

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