Benefits of Custom Shower Installation


Is your bathroom no longer meeting your needs? Are you outgrowing your space? Is your shower dated and unattractive? It’s time to give your shower a makeover with a custom tile installation. Sure, you’ve probably seen the commercials for the pre-made shower stalls that fit right over your existing tub. Looks pretty convenient, but we venture to say pretty boring as well! Why do you want your shower to look like a cookie cutter template for shower stalls all over the country?

Why Install a Custom Shower?

If you truly want to create your dream shower, you need to do it from scratch with the help of a professional skilled in original shower installations. The result is a one-of-a-kind showpiece that you can be proud of and that’s fully functional for total convenience. When you install a custom shower, you get a product that:

  • Increases your property value: According to Remodeling, you can recoup close to 60% of your costs when tackling a bathroom remodel…that number can go up even more if you install a custom tile shower.
  • Is available in many styles: The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing the colors, shapes and types of tiles, as well as fixtures, for your new shower.
  • Works with your lifestyle: Tile showers are easy to clean and easy to match the rest of your décor, plus they provide a functional aesthetic you can’t get with other types of showers. You have a wide range of features to choose from, including wide-format tiling and sleek glass designs.
  • Maximizes use of space: By installing a custom shower, you can work within small spaces or branch out to make the best use of space in a larger bathroom. You’re not limited by configurations when you go custom.
  • Offers a better resale appeal: If you plan on selling your home in the next few years, consider that a custom shower will appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers.
  • Can be customized to your needs: You are able to add the features that make your daily grooming routines easier, such as adding built-in benches, steam systems, ambient mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, linear drains and removable shower heads.

How We Can Help

Here at Designer Wood Flooring, we do so much more than hardwood — or even flooring for that matter. We also happen to be shower flooring installation experts. When you hire our highly-trained technicians, you can rest assured we stay on top of the latest trends, designs and installation techniques so you get the highest quality products backed by trusted materials.

Let us come up with a personalized design for you from start to finish. We do this by offering you a wide range of complementary colors, shapes, and styles to select from. Plus, if you want to go beyond the bathroom, you can choose from our many  tile installation and repair services that can enhance the rest of your home.

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