Top Hardwood Floor Trends in Beaumont for 2023


If you’re looking to refresh your Beaumont home, one effective way to do that is to upgrade your flooring. It can be quite overwhelming to settle on the one that’s right for you, which is why it can be helpful to follow the trends and see what other homeowners are selecting for their homes.

To modernize your home’s appearance and functionality, here are some of the latest hardwood flooring trends for 2023 in and around Beaumont.

1.  Go Rustic

Rustic textures are still all the rage. Not only do they present a calming effect, they get their rustic texture from a variety of techniques, such as hand-scraped or wire brushed. No matter which technique you choose, the end result is ideal for lodges, farmhouses and cottages. Such hardwood is often derived from reclaimed materials, featuring nail holes, patina and saw marks for added character.

Rustic textures add depth to all rooms, great for cottages, farmhouses, and lodges in Beaumont — a beautiful coastal city in Texas that’s the seat of Jefferson County.

2.  Add Some Smoke

You can still achieve the rustic look with smokey toned floors but offset with an edgier aesthetic that showcases the wood’s natural grain.

3.  White is the Name of the Game

Why not think about bleached or whitewashed floors? These are especially ideal for contemporary spaces, and involve the installation of a light, smooth, wide plank hardwood floor. As you can imagine, these light wood tones brighten up your room while giving off a relaxed vibe as well. 

Whitewashing douses your floor with a white patina while at the same time augments the natural wood grain. A bonus for families: dirt doesn’t show up as easily on them and they’re easier to maintain than dark wood floors.

4.  Stick With Natural and Neutral

If you were wondering if the minimalist design trend is still around, you would be right, it is. Homeowners are still gravitating toward neutral, natural floor colors such as whites, creams and honeys. Why? These shades are versatile and make a great addition to any living space or even commercial space.

White oak is a popular choice because it’s versatile and functional, thanks in part to its warm creamy undertones.

5.  Sustainable Flooring

Those who are mindful of their carbon footprint and impact on the environment will go with flooring that is sustainable, such as reclaimed wood flooring that’s been salvaged from old barns.

6.  Wide Plank Floors

Wider planks are less busy than narrow planks, plus they’re easier to install due to fewer pieces involved in the construction, according to House Beautiful. With the wide planks, you can really appreciate the grain and variation on each piece, which adds a higher level of visual interest.

7.  Unique Characteristics

Traditional floor layouts are great and all, but if you’re going for modern, try something bold like herringbone or chevron.

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