How the Right Flooring Can Accentuate Your Small Spaces in Lake Charles

When decorating small spaces for your Lake Charles home, this will take the same level of attention as when decorating a larger space. Of course, the basic rules of small space design still apply to flooring, but you will have to take into account factors such as color, wood species, and width of your hardwood floors so they can conform to those same small-space principles.

Check out these guidelines that showcase how the right flooring can accentuate your small spaces in Lake Charles.


Hardwood flooring comes in many widths, from wide planks that resemble historic floorboards to a standard, more narrow plank size. If you want to get creative, think about incorporating decorative types such as parquet flooring utilizing short, narrow hardwood pieces. To minimize visual clutter in a small space, go with wider planks. Steer clear from multiple colors, and always factor in proportion when balancing out the size of your hardwood planks.

Drawing attention to the floor in smaller rooms is a decorating no-no. The goal is to appreciate the available space as a whole right when you walk in the room, says The Spruce. If you have narrow boards or patterns that contrast, the opposite effect will be true.


Small spaces are darker than their larger counterparts, but this varies from home to home. Consider the amount of natural lighting the room gets every day and the light fixtures that are contained in the room. Are there any dark corners? Is the entrance bright and open? Lighter hardwood flooring is best for small spaces in general, but you can pull off darker stained flooring in rooms with excellent natural lighting.


Wood flooring is available in numerous types of finishes, including:

  • Semi-gloss
  • High gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin

The one you choose will depend on your style, taste, existing room décor and room size. Glossy finishes are more dramatic against darker stain colors, while satin and matte are best for durability and for complementing any room.

Textured hardwood flooring offers visual interest and can also soften the look of your small room floors. Why? The rustic texture hides imperfections and visually blends the seams for uniformity.

When it comes time to select wood flooring for your small space, it all comes down to what  you like. But you can keep in mind that light colors add brightness, while wider planks minimize distraction and chaos. These are only guidelines. The bottom line is, you can go with whatever you want to make you happy, from a matte finish to a textured product to darker vs. lighter colors.

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