How to Clean and Maintain Tile Floors


Tile is a popular option for many homeowners looking to add new flooring. Not only is it beautiful and available in a wide range of colors and styles, it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Here’s how to keep your tile floor looking great.

Vacuum and Dust

Using a vacuum or a fluffy dust mop, clean the area daily to get rid of dust and dirt before it starts to get embedded in your tile and grout. This is the fastest and easiest way to maintain your tile flooring. If you do this often enough, you won’t have to do as much of a deep clean later. Just refrain from using straw brooms, as they could scratch the tiles.

Mop it Up

Mop your floor once a week with warm water. You can even add a mild soap to bring out the tile’s color, gloss and shine. Always check with the manufacturer before you use any cleansers so you don’t damage your tiles. It’s important to dry the floor after damp mopping to avoid spills and other accidents, and to keep new dirt from getting settled into the wet area.

Clean up Spills Quickly

Using absorbent cloths, wipe up spills to prevent dirt from collecting and people from slipping. This will also reduce the risk of stain buildup on your tile. Got dirtier stains and spills? Use a cleanser or disinfectant for those. Remember, raw meat and egg spills will necessitate a more aggressive cleaning approach so bacteria doesn’t settle into your tiles. You’ll also want to mop the area with water after cleaning, as the chemicals can dull tiles.

Use Doormats

Put doormats on both either side of your doors leading into and out of your home, to prevent mud or water from being tracked indoors during bad weather. Got tiling in your bathroom? Utilize a bath mat so your tiles remain dry.

Add Area Rugs

Place area rugs or runners in high-traffic areas to prevent dulling, scratching and dirt build-up.

Do a Deep Clean

You’ll have to do a deep clean every so often to remove stains and greasy residues. Mix a half cup of white vinegar or plain rubbing alcohol with about a gallon of warm water. Or, you could try fresh water and dish detergent to remove hard grease from your tile flooring.

Don’t Forget the Grout

Because grout is porous, it will absorb dirt and liquids. Make a paste mixture with water and baking soda, spread it onto the grout and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, wield an old toothbrush and scrub your grout, then rinse with warm water when finished.

If you heed these tips on a regular basis, your tile floors will maintain their aesthetic appeal over the years.

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