The Best Flooring Type for Your Home Office


If your home office is in need of a flooring refresh, you may be spending a lot of time contemplating which material would be best. After all, the flooring you choose will dictate many things, from comfort and acoustics to maintenance and function.

Hardwood…tile…carpet…laminate: which one to choose? Making the right choice can seem daunting, especially since you will be spending a lot of time in that office. The type you choose should be durable and strong, as well as versatile. Take into account how much foot traffic it will get as well. Do you see clients at home? Does your office double as a playroom, or bedroom, or craft room, or something else?

Let’s go over some options.


If you’re going for timeless style, you can never go wrong with hardwood. Classy, sophisticated, and easy to maintain, this option is often chosen for its beauty. Plus, if you’re looking to impress guests, clients and business partners, this is another perk.

However, especially with exotic woods, these floors can get damaged and scratched easily, especially if you will be using heavy furniture and rolling chairs.


Not only is tile still quite a stylish option, it’s always popular and easy to clean. It’s more affordable than hardwood and can match virtually any décor you have. However, tile can be noisy when rolled over, such as in an office chair, so you may have to purchase mats. Choose ones with antistatic properties if you have a lot of electronics in your office such as computers, printers, tablets and the like.


A traditional option that never seems to go out of style, carpet is desirable for home offices for its comfort and that “cozy factor.” Your voice won’t echo when you’re on a conference call, your feet will always be warm, and you can drop things on it without fear of breakage. However, you run the risk of staining if you drop liquids on it, as well as odor buildup over time. Carpet also harbors allergens so it’s not good if you have asthma and allergies. Finally, it’s not as easy to roll on, so you’d have to buy a mat if you like to go from here to there in your chair.


Laminate flooring is stylish and reasonably priced. It’s easy to maintain and can be installed in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Plus, it’s not vulnerable to moisture like hardwood and carpet are.

On the other side, it’s difficult and time-consuming to install. You will likely need a vapor barrier underneath the planks too.

Everyone is different when it comes to the flooring material they want for their home office. In any case, professional installation is key.

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