Pros and Cons of 6 Types of Common San Antonio Flooring Options


There are countless details to consider when renovating or improving your home. The flooring type you choose is very important, as it will set the stage for the design and functionality of your entire home. From hardwood to tile, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of six types of flooring.

1.  Hardwood

A popular choice for today’s homeowners, hardwood flooring is a classic option that you really can’t go wrong with. It’s got a beautiful, timeless appeal that matches any home style.


  • Beautiful
  • Classic
  • Timeless
  • Adds value to your home


  • Expensive relative to other flooring materials such as carpet or linoleum, at $6 to $22 per square foot.
  • Prone to scratches, dents and water damage.


2.  Laminate

Laminate flooring makes a great hardwood alternative because it has the appearance of wood yet comes with a much lower price tag and higher durability.


  • Affordable: Expect to spend between $3 and $8 per square foot.
  • Mimics the look of hardwood and other materials.
  • Durable, and resistant to marks by shoes, pets and kids.


  • The plywood or fiber board used to make this flooring can easily get water damaged.

3.  Engineered Wood

This flooring option is made with a thick base layer of plywood, with a thin veneer of real wood on top. It is not hardwood all the way through, which means it can take a bit more abuse and it’s more affordable too.


  • More stable than hardwood while mimicking the same appearance.
  • You can buy it in clickable boards to save yourself money on a DIY project.
  • It’s relatively affordable when compared with real hardwood, at between $3 and $13 per square foot.


  • You can only refinish it a couple of times due to the top layer being so thin.

4.  Vinyl

Vinyl takes a lot of abuse, it’s affordable and it comes in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from rolled vinyl (glued into place), peel-and-stick backings, and clickable vinyl planks.


  • You have many options when it comes to vinyl, so it fits most budgets.
  • Today’s luxury vinyl gives you a more expensive-looking result at a cheap price.


  • The lifespan of vinyl is shorter than wood and tile.
  • It’s not as sustainable or environmentally-friendly as other flooring.

5.  Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are great for both bathrooms and kitchens because they have a high moisture resistance. Choose from four main types: terracotta, porcelain, glazed, and quarry. Each comes with its own look, texture, and durability.


  • Ceramic tile is versatile in appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • It’s expensive, between $15 and $20 per square foot.
  • Some types require regular sealing and other maintenance treatments.
  • Tile can be tough on the feet and joints because it is so hard.

6.  Carpet

Carpet comes in a variety of textures, styles, and colors, and it’s comfortable to walk on. It is ideal for kids because it offers a soft landing, and it lends homes a cozier feel.


  • Carpet is cozy and warm
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Lasts for many years with proper care


  • Requires a lot of maintenance, as dirt and debris easily gets trapped in its fibers.
  • Regular deep cleanings are necessary, particularly if you have allergies.
  • It harbors allergens.
  • It soaks up spills and can stain easily.

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