Flooring Trends You Should Know for 2019

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Keeping your home up-to-date starts with your floor. Here are some of the hottest 2019 flooring trends featuring style, durability and staying power. Trends across hard surfaces, such as wood, tile, vinyl and laminate, are staying consistent in the new year. Hard surface manufacturers continue to replicate natural wood and stone flooring.

Timeless Versatility

Carpeting still remains the most common flooring type, but unlike carpeting (whose colors, styles and lengths change through the decades), wood flooring never goes out of style. Let’s face it: flooring is expensive, so the type of material you choose should be stylish and beautiful but timeless as well.

One suggestion to achieving this is to combine a wide-width plank with a long-board look, blending a classic color with a matte finish.

Popular choices for wood species in the South include:

  • European white oak
  • French oak
  • Northern Appalachian white oak
  • Walnut

This year, homeowners are seeking lighter toned colors and matte finishes for their floors, with a shift happening towards lighter hardwoods and smooth textures. Specifically, plank widths of four to five inches are popular, with white oak still claiming the top spot because it’s able to remain true to the chosen stain color.

Non-Traditional Stain Finishes

You don’t have to stick with traditional stains for your hardwood flooring. To accentuate the natural beauty of the wood, many homeowners are opting for a reactive stain process, whereby the wood is oxidized with minerals that react with the tannins inherent in the wood. This creates vibrant color.

Another process that can highlight natural features includes using a pigmented dye that will saturate the wood.

Wire brushing is another method that removes the soft grain of the wood, allowing for a subtle light reflection. In essence, it also highlights the natural hard grain of the floor.


When it comes to plank width, wide plank is still trending for 2019, although more and more homeowners are sticking with the traditional narrow planks. Cool gray color palettes are popular right now, both for walls and floors. Other colors like blond (i.e., European oak and driftwood) are gaining in popularity, as well as a mix of tones that are great at creating a reclaimed look.

Luxury vinyl plank floors are in style as well, bringing you several benefits like:

  • Variety of design options
  • Variety of colors and shapes
  • Increased comfort
  • Easy maintenance

Many homeowners want a unique floor that speaks to their style, such as a craft, wide-plank floor that’s been custom made to their specifications and design vision. The surprise contender for 2019 flooring trends is concrete flooring.

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